World Coffee Consumption Statistics: How Much Coffee Does The World Truly Drink?

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A World of Coffee Drinkers

Our world is full of coffee drinkers. There is no surprise that coffee is the world’s second most valuable commodity. World coffee consumption statistics will definitely surprise you. There is always something new to learn. The best part is that it will make you an incredibly knowledgeable coffee drinker!

We are providing the straight facts on coffee drinker statistics. The funniest part is, we all fall somewhere into these numbers. And, these eye-opening stats might wake your brain up before your average cup of joe does. You will never know what fun facts you will find out!

All About the Coffee Beans

Everything starts from the coffee bean itself. Coffee’s long history led to two coffee beans dominating the world market today. These are arabica and robusta. There are some fun statistics to know about these beans.

It takes a coffee plant roughly 3-4 years to mature

Coffee is a big investment. It is also a permanent crop. This means you do not have to replant a coffee plant, as it matures and strengthens over the years. Coffee plants can live up to 100 years but are most fruitful between 7 to 20 years of age.

Coffee Farm
Arabica is the most commonly consumed coffee variety. 

The coffea arabica or Arabica coffee variety is recognized for its stellar quality. This is a result of its high altitude cultivation sites and natural acidity. Arabica coffee is typically more expensive than Robusta coffee, which is the other popular bean on the coffee market. Although these are the two commercially cultivated varieties, there actually exist 100 different species of coffee!

Exports of Arabica neared 72 million bags in 2016

This is an impressive number. Arabica is the world’s most popular variety. It is nearly double the amount of robusta exported. Roughly 40 million bags of robusta were exported in that same year.

Robusta coffee has much more caffeine than Arabica Coffee.

Coffee canephora, known more commonly as robusta, tend to have lower acidity and much higher caffeine. There are good quality robusta beans out there. Oftentimes, Italian espresso blends, especially from Napoli, Italy, will contain a percentage of robusta. This lends a desirable bitter character and extra caffeine boost to the espresso.

So, Where Do Most Coffee Beans Come From?

Coffee is grown all over the world. It is cultivated in more than 50 countries. Whether in Southeast Asia or South America, you will find precious coffee cherries harvested yearly. Each place offers a unique flavor profile. Coffee drinkers worldwide enjoy their own flavor and roasting preference. What sort of coffee is out there? And, what is most popular? Only the coffee drinker statistics will tell.

Top 10 Coffee Exporting Nations

These are the countries producing the most coffee beans per year:

  • Brazil – This country remains the top coffee producing country for 150 years, exporting around 5.7 trillion pounds a year!
  • Vietnam – Only second in line, this country exports around 3.6 trillion pounds of coffee beans a year. Vietnam produces the majority of robusta beans worldwide.
  • Columbia – This South American country produces roughly 1.8 trillion pounds of coffee a year. Columbian coffee is one of the most popular single origins in coffee shops worldwide.
  • Indonesia – Roughly 4.5 trillion pounds of coffee comes from this southeast Asian country. Indonesia is known for its variety and is most famous for its Sumatra coffee.
  • Ethiopia – Coffee’s birthplace still exports a lot of coffee. Ethiopia is responsible for 847 million pounds of yearly global coffee exports.
  • Honduras – This small, but mighty country exports around 767 million pounds of coffee a year.
  • India – 767 million pounds of coffee are exported by India. Most production happens in the Southern part of the country.
  • Uganda – With around 385 million pounds produced, Uganda is the second-largest coffee exporter in Africa, just behind Ethiopia.
  • Mexico – Coffee is part of Mexico’s agricultural bounty. Mexico exports around 516 million pounds are exported yearly.
  • Guatemala – This Central American country exports nearly 450 million pounds each year. It is an underdog on the coffee market.
Did you know? 

The world’s most rare and expensive coffee is from Indonesia. Kopi Luwak is a very special coffee that is actually predigested by the small mammal called the palm civet.

The most expensive coffee pod was sold in Singapore for $54.64!

Global Coffee Consumption

Worldwide, people love coffee! It is the most commonly loved beverage across the world. But, world coffee consumption statistics wouldn’t be complete without seeing who exactly consumes the most coffee.

In 2019, the world consumption of coffee was around 166 million bags of coffee. Each bag is 60 kilograms or 130 pounds. This means that the world consumes over 21 trillion pounds of coffee a year! Also, of these coffee consumers, 66 percent of women consume coffee as compared to 62% of men.

Which Countries Consume the Most Coffee?

So, who drinks the most coffee each day globally? There are two sides to this. First, there are countries that import the most coffee. These are the ones that spend the most on coffee annually. Then there are countries that consume the most beans per capita. Here are the top coffee consuming countries as of this year!

Nordic countries currently lead to the highest coffee consumption worldwide. First, is Finland, at 12 kg (26.5 lbs) a year. Kahvi is coffee in Finnish. Norway and Iceland follow soon after. Norwegians consume 9.9 kg (22 lbs) of coffee per year, while the Icelandic people consume roughly 9 kg (20 lb.)

Countries that spend the most on coffee slightly differ. The United States leads in most imports, at 5.8 trillion dollars worth. Germany, France, and Italy follow not far after. The European Union itself makes up fo 59% of total global coffee imports.

Where Do People Drink Their Coffee?

Coffee is wonderful at home and at a local coffee shop. Surprisingly, where someone consumes coffee seems to vary mostly by age. Some coffee consumer statistics surprise us with global coffee drinking habits in and outside the home.

When it comes to age, it seems things will always change! Those who are under 35 tend to mostly drink coffee outside the home. On average, coffee shops sell around 230 cups of coffee per day. This can vary per type of drink. Yet, those over 65 brews most coffee at home!

U.S. Specific Coffee Drinker Statistics 

The United States is full of coffee lovers. Behind water, it is the most consumed beverage. It may not have made the top coffee import list, but it is still a top consumer. As of a recent study in 2019, nearly 64% of American adults consume coffee every day. 83% say they drink coffee in general. When reflecting on America’s population, that is roughly 272 million coffee drinkers in the country.

Consumption Statistics by Cup

On average, Americans consume nearly 150 billion cups of coffee a year. That is nearly 410 cups a day. On average, Americans consume around 2 cups of coffee a day. This cup tends to be a little bigger than a normal 8-ounce cup – a cup tends to be around 9 ounces.

Consumption Statistics by Coffee Type

A really good question is when and how do Americans drink coffee? Coffee contributes to 75% of caffeine consumption in America. This means Americans rely on coffee. And, as we know, there are several ways to enjoy coffee. There is something to fit everyone’s preferences.

Most Americans prefer drinking coffee at home. Around 79% of American coffee drinkers brew coffee at home. Drip coffee is the most popular, with only 12% of American coffee consumers owning espresso machines. This leaves a cappuccino or a latte as something often purchased at a coffee shop, rather than at home. This differs from Italy, where roughly 14 billion espressos are consumed per day.

Many Americans still enjoy most of their coffee out. There are roughly 35,500 coffee shops in the United States. Most of these shops are chains, with Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Peet’s comprising the majority of these shops. This industry brings in nearly $45 billion in sales per year. Also, American office workers typically consume 4 cups of coffee per day. Brewing and drinking coffee can take an estimated 24 minutes out of a workday!

With coffee-drinking comes breakfast! Coffee seems to be a breakfast staple in America. Nearly 65% of Americans drink coffee with breakfast. With breakfast consumption dropping in the U.S., this makes coffee one of the first things consumed on a daily basis!

American Coffee Spending

Over the years, coffee shops grew in popularity across the nation. Roughly 1000 coffee shops opened a year since 2015. This demand explains some of the fascinating statistics below.

Americans between 25 to 34 contribute the most to coffee sales. This age group spends an estimated $2,008 dollars per year in a coffee shop. This greatly contrasts the average of $7 Americans 65 years and up spend at coffee shops yearly.

A Final Note on World Coffee Consumption Statistics

Did you find anything shocking about the world and its incredible coffee habits? Maybe some facts were more relatable than you expected! Nonetheless, our world loves coffee. Tell us how much you do too in the comments.

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