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Everyone loves a good coffee shop. It is the ultimate communal space. Whether big or small, each top coffee shop has its own sense of individuality. Most importantly, provides you your favorite cup of coffee, expertly prepared by a lovely barista. So what are the top coffee shops in America?

We’ve compiled a list of America’s most charming and unique coffee shops. Whether its a cool beverage drink or cafe layout, there is something that keeps you coming back. Probably the excellent Wifi! Either way, let’s check out the top coffee shops from coast to coast to see what makes them the absolute best.

One of a Kind

Abraço (New York, New York)

This cafe is a staple of Downtown Manhattan. Nestled in the East Village, Abraço offers delicious house-roasted coffee and amazing homemade pastries. The shop was once as tiny as a closet, with locals waiting outside eagerly for their rich Brazilian espresso. It was like a little abraço or ‘hug’ in Portuguese. Today, it is a beloved communal space that keeps everything pretty traditional. For example, they keep it ‘Italian style‘ by making espresso and macchiatos to stay only. But, don’t worry – you can still get your favorite cappuccino or latte to go. Make sure you pair it with their iconic olive oil cake. A bite of this cake and a sip of a foamy latte will definitely set your day right.

Drink to Try: The Classic rich espresso

Sidamo Coffee (D.C.)

This cafe offers some of the best single-origin brews around. Sidamo coffee highlights the classic coffee culture of Ethiopia. Every bean is sourced from farms in Ethiopia and roasted in house, practically right in front of you! The cafe even hosts traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. Its interior is both urban and humble, making you feel right at home. You cannot beat their delicious food options either. Sidamo’s emphasis on maintaining classic Ethiopian coffee traditions is what makes it one of D.C.’s top coffee shops.

Drink to Try: Single Origin Pour Over

Blanchard’s Coffee (Richmond)

This roaster makes some impressive coffee. Only recently did this Richmond-based coffee shop open its warm and modern cafe. It is now a place to both caffeinate and meet your favorite people. Blanchard’s coffee menu is simple and fulfilling. If you even crave something with extra flavor, their homemade mocha or chai can do just the trick. They even offer 64-ounce beverage packs to take home or bring along on a group picnic. Either way, there is always a delicious way to enjoy Blanchard’s expertly crafted coffee roasts! 

Drink to Try: One of their featured Single Origin pour-overs or a Caffe Mocha

George Howell (Boston)

This outstanding coffee brand is famous nationwide, but George Howell does call Boston home. Howell’s latest location in the Godrey Hotel is a fabulous place to grab a coffee and hang out. It offers a quality selection of single-origin brews, for espresso and pour-over. This way you can truly experience the quality and flavor profile of the beans. There are daily offerings from the cafe’s Modbar, an automated pour-over system that provides the ultimate brew. Also, there is ample space to work or study, alone or in a group. Don’t forget to snag a bag of single-origin beans on your way out!

Drink to Try: Single Origin Pour Over of the Day

Per’La (Miami)

This small coffee shop is a gem found in Coral Gables. This shop is also a roaster, offering finely sourced beans from all over the world. The owners seek out the best smallholder coffee farms to bring sustainable and quality beans to customers. The shop’s petite size is amplified by its killer beverage selection. From delicious pour-overs to masterful cappuccinos, you cannot go wrong. Also, this small business is very involved in the local community, supporting fellow local businesses and charitable organizations.

Drink to Try: Simple cold brew or oat milk cappuccino

Dinosaur Coffee (Los Angeles)

This coffee shop is just all-around cool! To start, the cafe space has an incredible open-concept, complemented by smooth natural wooden beams and epic decor. Not to mention its grand oval-shaped coffee bar rested in the center of the room. Thankfully, there is enough space to grab your computer and finally finish up any last-minute assignments too! Most importantly, their coffee is dynamite. And, every beverage comes in a cup with some funky artwork to add a little more brightness to your day.

Drink to Try: Any of their Specialty Lattes or Cold brews

Messenger Coffee Co (Kansas City)

Another top coffee shop with a super cool design, Messenger Coffee is one for the books. The cafe occupies an old school warehouse building formerly used for automobile production back in the day. This gives them enough space for their roasting facility, which you can observe as you sip on a perfect cappuccino. There is even a rooftop that has a lovely fireplace for colder mornings – talk about cozy! Messenger coffee shares this epic space with Ibis Bakery, one of Kansas City’s best bakeries. In just one place, you can get the freshest coffee and freshest bread around. That sounds like a great deal to us.

Drink to Try: Classic Cappuccino or Latte to pair perfectly with your freshly baked goods

Coava Coffee (Portland)

Portland is definitely one of the country’s top coffee hubs, with Coava standing out amongst the crowd. This roaster is as expert as it gets. Even more exciting is Coava’s spacious coffee shop in East Portland. This shop’s layout unites urban and natural elements to create an ultra-cool atmosphere. In fact, half of the shop is a woodworking area, offering locally made products like eco-friendly water bottles. Coava’s coffee menu keeps it simple and traditional to highlight each bean’s quality. You can find classic espresso drinks, along with handcrafted pour-overs.

Drink to Try: Pour over or a classic cappuccino

All Over the Nation

There are some awesome coffee shop brands that now have locations all over the county, and for good reason. Check out these top coffee shops you can maybe even find in your city!

Blue Bottle Coffee

The Blue Bottle name is pretty ubiquitous throughout the world at this point. It is for good reason! This Oakland based coffee company creates some masterful coffee roasts. The shops soon gained appeal for their minimalist design, which highlights the artistic process of coffee making. Blue Bottle is known for taking its time to curate each cup of coffee, along with its trademark little blue bottle on every cup!

Drink to Try: The New Orleans cold brew or anything with their Hayes Valley espresso

La Colombe

This roaster has truly built an East Coast empire over the years. Originating Philadelphia, La Colombe offers high-quality and carefully sourced coffee beans. It is most famous for its draft iced coffees and lattes. Their shops all serve the unparalleled ‘Black + Tan,’ a combination of their draft cold brew and draft latte. Together, these make one of the most refreshing iced coffee drinks out there. Each cafe combines modern and industrial elements for a welcoming feel. What stands out are their gorgeous ceramic cups, with swirls of blue and red: La Colombe’s signature colors!

Drink to Try: Draft Cold Brew or the Black + Tan

Bluestone Lane

This coffee shop brought Melbourne, Australia’s coffee culture to the States. Starting in New York, Bluestone Lane soon became a hip and delicious way to get your caffeine fix. All the cafes present the true hospitality of Australian coffee culture through its bright and stylish cafes. This coffee shop is also known for its excellent and nutritious food options. Many seek out Bluestone for its incredible avocado toasts and ‘brekkie’ bowls. They are both delicious and gorgeous to just look at! Paired with one epically delicious flat white, you will have the brunch of your dreams. 

Drink to Try: Flat white


This Portland-based coffee shop is a veteran of the third wave coffee movement. Each Stumpton cafe is incredibly charming. Each has both new and old-world charm, often with some of the most groovy lighting fixtures. They are all the perfect space for a meeting or to take a quick break during a long workday. The coffee is the star of the show, though. Each Stumptown location makes delicious espresso drinks, with some impressive latte art. We would not blame you if you took a few coffee photos.

Drink to Try: A Classic Latte or Any of their Seasonal Drinks


This Chicago based brand might be one of the most famous around. You may have seen their beans before in your local grocery store. Yet, Intelligentsia still leads the coffee pack in terms of quality and flavor. Spread across 5 states, Intelligentsia cafes are artsy and casual. Its Broadway Coffee bar in its hometown of Chicago is nothing short of humble and elegant. With cute marble tables and a beautiful blue barista bar, you could really stay and chat for hours. And, you have maybe the widest selection of Intelligentsia beans at your fingertips.

Drink to Try: Any Featured Pour-Over

Find any coffee shops that you like or want to give a shout out to? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to start up a coffee chat even outside a coffee shop!
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