Top 9 Best Home Coffee Grinders

Best Home Coffee Grinder

Do you know what the best home coffee grinder is?

It is one thing to use pre-ground coffee for a morning drink, but if you want to take your coffee experience to the next level, it is important you start grinding your own coffee beans. Although it’s not commonly known, choosing to grind your coffee at home can create a fresh, crisp cup of coffee as opposed to buying it ground.

But you may ask, why is it important to grind your own coffee? The answer is self-ground coffee is exceedingly fresher than pre-ground coffee. When you purchase whole coffee beans, the freshness and aroma of the beans stay with them until you grind them in the comfort of your home. On the other hand, if your coffee beans are already pre-ground for you, some of the freshness and aroma will have already withered out by the time you brew a cup.

This is the primary reason why coffee shops grind their coffee beans – for the freshness, aroma, and overall quality of their coffee. It would be practical if they ordered pre-ground coffee, but again, then the beans would lose a majority of the qualities that make it great.

If you are considering grinding your own coffee beans, the next question that may come to mind is, do I need a coffee grinder?

Why buy a home coffee grinder?

You may reason out that you can just grind your coffee with whatever tools you have in the kitchen, but coffee grinding in itself is a technique one must learn. How you grind your coffee will affect your coffee quality; this is unlike, say chopping vegetables, where how you chop your vegetables, other than the cut type and size you intend, will not affect your meal. On the other hand, to get the best of your coffee, you must learn how to grind your coffee well.

But this is not just about coffee grinding; even the grinder itself plays a role in how your coffee would be ground. As you will shortly see later, even coffee grinders appear in different types to facilitate different needs. Before we jump into the top coffee grinders you can use at home, let us take a brief look at the different types of coffee grinders that you can use.

Types of Coffee Grinders (Burr, Blade, and Manual Grinders)

coffee beans

There are a variety of coffee grinders on the market, so we compiled a list of our favorites. But first, we will share the three main types of coffee grinders to consider before selecting which coffee grinder you’ll use:

  • Burr grinder
  • Blade grinder
  • Manual grinder

1) Burr grinders

In a burr grinder, your coffee beans will pass through two metal or plastic objects that will ground the beans into smooth ground coffee. The beauty of a burr grinder is that it can be precisely controlled depending on the settings you set it to. Burr grinder’s ground beans often end up very even, making your coffee taste full.

However, burr grinder can be big, loud, and tend to be more expensive than blade grinders.

2) Blade grinders

A blade grinder is just what it sounds like – it uses a blade to grind your coffee beans. One benefit of a blade grinder is its size – it is smaller and more compact than burr grinders. It is also a less noisy option when comparing to a burr grinder. While blade grinders are noisy in the beginning, once the beans are ground, they quiet down. For the results, blade grinders can produce evenly-ground beans; however, this is relative to the bean’s size.

If you use a blade grinder, be prepared to take the time to learn how to use it as you’ll need to learn it first to produce evenly ground beans.

3) Manual grinders

If you want the most compact and inexpensive coffee grinder, a manual grinder is for you. Manual grinders are often the most silent among the three. However, this will take a lot of time grinding before you can have your evenly ground beans – and of course, don’t forget that you’ll grind with your own hands!

But if you enjoy manually doing things, manual grinders can be for you.

Top 9 Coffee Grinders for Home

Colombian coffee

Now that you know the different types of coffee grinders, it’s time to decide which coffee grinders are best for home use. In this article, we’ve picked out 9 of the best coffee grinders you can use for grinding your own coffee beans:

1) Krups GX5000 Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder

If you want the power of a burr grinder at the price of a blade grinder, then Krups GX5000 is the burr grinder for you. It offers nine settings for selecting your particular grind size. It also offers a “cup selector” setting so you’ll grind the perfect amount of coffee you’ll need. At $45-$60, you can have an inexpensive but great burr grinder at home!

You can shop the Krups GX500 professional grinder here.

2) OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is more expensive than Krups GX5000 and it does not even have cup settings, but it prepares perfectly ground beans.

The Conical Burr Coffee Grinder offers an air-tight lid and UV-blocking tint which helps preserve your coffee’s flavor. OXO also grinds your coffee beans so that it can be used for different coffee types such as espresso, cold brew, and everything in between.

You can shop the Conical Burr Coffee Grinder here.

3) Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

If you are a huge fan of drip coffee, then Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder is for you! Not only is the coffee grinder made for drip coffees, but it is also consistent and precise in its grind.

Also, if kitchen space is a concern, Bodum will work well for you because it is small and compact, perfect for those with small kitchens or on-the-go people. Best of all, you can get this coffee grinder for only $20 at Target!

You can shop the Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder here.

4) Breville The Smart Grinder Pro

If you are really picky about your coffee, then you may want to try out Breville’s The Smart Grinder Pro. This elegant coffee grinder has 60 settings which can produce the coarsest ground that resembles store-quality ground coffee to the finest ground that is so fine, they don’t even clump together.

If you are a fan of espresso or pour-over, Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro will work best for you!

However, prepare for the price tag, as Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro comes in at $199.95. It’s expensive, but one of the best products on the market.

You can shop the Breville The Smart Grinder Pro here.

5) Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart’s DBM-8 Supreme Grind is great for French press and cold brew coffee lovers. This grinder offers 18 grinds; each grind’s difference is noticeable from one another.

Cuisinart’s DBM-8’s finest grinds also work well for espresso, but if you are looking for drip and pour-over coffee, choose its medium grind.

Cuisinart’s DBM-8 can produce 4-18 cups per use.

You can shop the Cuisinart’s DBM-8 Supreme Grind here.

6) Krups Silent Vortex Electric Grinder

If silence is your main priority, you may want to check out Krups’ Silent Vortex Electric Grinder. This coffee grinder is one of the most silent coffee grinders in the market.

Actually, it is not silent on its own, but it has a muffler that will do the trick for you. Whether you hate cranking noise or want to avoid waking up your family members or anyone you’re in with the house, then Krups Silent Vortex Electric Grinder is for you!

You can shop the Krups’ Silent Vortex Electric Grinder here.

7) Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder

If you want a quiet and inexpensive coffee grinder, manual grinders could be for you. However, not all manual grinders are made equal.

Javapresse manual grinder is like any other manual grinder, except for one thing: its design allows it for easy use as you can easily hold it by hand. You can also see how you grind by looking at its little window viewer below it.

You can shop the Javapresse manual grinder here.

8) Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

Handground Coffee Grinder is not hand-friendly like Javapresse, but its shape is still compact-friendly compared to other manual grinders. With its small size, it should not be a problem for those with a small kitchen.

Like Javapresse, you can also view how you grind your beans below it, and its design is simply modern if that is your concern.

You can shop the Handground Coffee Grinder here.

9) Hamilton Beach’s Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach’s Electric Coffee Grinder is an intuitive coffee grinder. While blade grinders are generally less expensive compared to burr grinders, Hamilton Beach can still compete in terms of performance.

You can conveniently use Hamilton Beach by just pushing its button. Its top, clear lid allows you to see how your coffee is grounded. You can also remove its grinding container, making it easier for you to empty your ground coffee and onto your coffee filter.

You can shop the Hamilton Beach’s Electric Coffee Grinder here.

Now that you’ve learned how to choose the best home coffee grinder, here are 10 easy and delicious coffee recipes you can make at home. You can also shop for our coffee here.

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