Buying Coffee Online: The Best Place to Buy and How to Find It

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Find the perfect coffee online can be overwhelming. There are tons of varieties, from the country of origin to roast. How to buy coffee online is a lot easier than you thought. With a few tips, you will know exactly what your preferences are and exactly what to look for.

There are also specific places to search for coffee. The best place to buy coffee online depends mostly on what you want! Once you got this down, you will know just the source for all your coffee needs. We are also here to help you buy ground coffee online that is the best quality too. Sometimes it is hard to incorporate grinding fresh beans into your daily routine. Whether you wake up earlier than all your roommates, or simply broke your coffee grinder, hope is not lost! You can still enjoy the best quality of the coffee.

What to Determine Before You Search

Everyone has coffee preferences. This spans from flavor to preparation. Do you prefer more floral or dark chocolatey flavors? Do you often brew espresso or love your french press. Let’s go through a few key factors to determine before kicking off your coffee search.

What’s Your Flavor?

This is the most fun part! What kind of flavors do you prefer in your cup of coffee? This does not have to be set in stone, but it is good to know what you are looking for.

For example, if you prefer a lighter-bodied coffee with very delicate fruity notes, you may look into high altitude beans from Peru. Or maybe you like forward and dark chocolate notes. In that case, you may opt for Kona coffee, from Hawaii. 

You should always check the coffee notes when searching for your next roast. Most coffee sites will list the notes on the coffee in the description. 

Fortunately, we put together guides to the world’s most impressive coffee-growing countries. You can learn and discover a variety of coffee countries on our blog. From Guatemala to Indonesia, you can quickly explore the flavor profiles of the world’s best beans. This will set you on the right foot when setting out on your coffee buying journey!

How Do You Usually Prepare Your Coffee?

This is very important when selecting a coffee. Coffee expresses itself differently by preparation methods. There are certain methods that best suit specific kinds of coffee. This often has to do with the roast and grind of your coffee. Some coffees taste fantastic in multiple brewing methods. Nonetheless, you should have some pointers when deciding what roast works for you.

Breaking it down by coffee maker, here are the go-to roasts to look for by the brewing method!

The Classic: Drip Coffee

This is the most popular way to drink coffee in the U.S. Whether it is your regular coffee maker or old school percolator, a full cup of joe needs the proper roast!

The good thing about drip coffee is its really up to preference. It is best to remember it as ‘medium x2.” That is, it is best to go for a medium roast, as it is balanced and bodied enough for a full cup of coffee. And, the drip coffee will also need a medium grind!

Pour Over

This is a simple way to explore a new coffee variety. If you are seeking a light roast, this is the best way to enjoy it. The slow extraction method of the pour-over allows you to really explore the flavors of the coffee bean.

The pour-over loves a medium grind. This allows for the best extraction.  

French Press

This has evolved into a true household staple. Steeping coffee is a simple way to make a perfect cup of coffee, for just yourself or the whole family.

A French press does well with light and dark roasts. Also, it should have a coarse to medium coarse grind. Try to avoid really dark roasts and a fine grind, this could accidentally result in some sludgy coffee!


The espresso loves a dark roast. Its deep and lightly bitter flavor makes the iconic espresso shot. Dark roasts also pair best with milk.

When seeking a roast for espresso, remember to look for some good chocolatey notes. Also, you will need a fine grind of your coffee.


Some like to call the moka pot a stovetop espresso maker. Although it is not exactly espresso, It does produce a rich and strong shot of coffee! But, both medium and dark roasts taste great when prepared in the moka pot. This all depends on flavor preference!

You will need a fine grind for your moka for optimal extraction.

Get your Search On!

Once you define your coffee needs, you can go ahead and dive right into your search! The online coffee marketplace is pretty vast. Thus, there are a few things you need to keep in mind as you explore.

Know your Source

It is always important to know where your coffee is coming from! By already determining your flavor and roast preferences, you gave yourself a strong foundation for further understanding of what a coffee origin offers.

Coffees come from all over the world. When you gain a sense of what each origin offers, you can sense what the beans may offer. Remember to consult various country profiles to assess if the beans fit your needs. 

Certifications To Know

There are key certifications to look for when shopping for beans. These are markers of quality! This particularly regards coffee production in terms of ethics and sustainability. It is extremely important to search for beans that have at least one of these certifications. It not only assures you quality but guarantees that your ‘coffee money’ is going into the right hands.

Fair Trade Certified

This certification assures fair prices for farmers worldwide. By working with cooperatives, Fair Trade sets a standard between buyers and producers. This provides a minimum price per bag of coffee beans, which guarantees farmers a livable income despite market shifts.

Fair Trade also works to protect communities from environmental complications, such as water pollution and land degradation.

Rainforest Alliance 

The Rainforest alliance prioritizes environmental sustainability. It has rigorous criteria farms need to meet if wanting to be certified. This centers on biodiversity, farm management, and natural resource conservation. Once approved, the alliance offers several programs to secure environmental safety and economic growth for a variety of farmers. Similarly to Fair Trade, the Rainforest Alliance also works to protect and strengthen the welfare of farming communities. 

The Rainforest Alliance symbol is a green frog. This represents environmental health!


This pretty understandable. The organic seal applies to farms that do not use any prohibited chemicals. The list of these chemicals spans over a variety of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. The organic process is long and expensive. However, it does ensure that your beans did not come in contact with potentially toxic chemicals.

The label can be easy to spot. ‘USDA Organic’ is the standard organic certification for coffee beans, especially on U.S. websites.

Utz Certified

This is the largest certification. Utz prioritizes market access for coffee farmers worldwide. Therefore, the guidelines to be Utz Certified are comprehensive. It takes into account farm management, workers’ rights, and sustainability. The certification chiefly guarantees the origin of your coffee beans. 

How to Shop for Ground Coffee

Ground coffee can be a great alternative. It is readily accessible and expedites your morning coffee routine. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for quality ground coffee.

Analyzing the blend

This is important as many ground coffees can be blends. The beans typically come from different countries. Make sure to find the coffee beans’ origins if you can. This assures quality. There are a lot of bulk beans on the market that do not offer a brilliant cup of coffee. It is important that the beans are majority Arabica. These beans are typically higher quality and provide a lovely acidity to the roast. Robusta beans tend to be a little more bitter. 

Also, pay attention to the coffee notes! This will tell you what the blend offers. Some blends are expertly crafted, especially for espresso. You do not want to miss out on a truly fabulous mixture of beans.

Assessing the Grind

This is very important to remember when searching for ground coffee. As you know, depending on the preparation, there is a grind that matches. Keep in mind what you are brewing before buying ground coffee.

Where To Buy Coffee Online

We gave you all you need to know how to buy coffee online. But, what is the best place to buy coffee online? There are a ton of places to get your coffee journey started. We suggest starting with Amazon. As much as this sounds obvious, Amazon offers access to a variety of coffees. It allows you to find niche producers and roasts. You do not necessarily have to buy off Amazon – you can check out the roasters listed on the platform. Nevertheless, Amazon does offer pretty competitive shipping prices, especially if you have prime!

What are the Best Ground coffees?

Below are the top 3 ground coffee beans for any occasion. These are a great household staple. And, with their air-sealed packaging, they are a fabulous back up if you run out of your regular beans!

  1. Illy Classico

This is a great coffee for espresso and moka pot coffee. It is balanced and rich.

  1. La Colombe Corsica

A blend of delicious beans perfect for French press or moka pot coffee.

  1. Lavazza Oro

This 100% Arabica coffee comes from only Central American beans.

Feel ready to find the best coffee online now? We hope we helped you feel confident in navigating the online coffee marketplace!
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