The Best Morning Coffee for You

For most of us, our morning coffee is our best friend. It sets the tone for our entire day. It is not surprising that studies show those who drink coffee in the morning are happier people. Even the simple smell of brewing coffee changes our entire mood. With one sip, we feel pretty invincible.

We all have different schedules. There are coffee brewing styles that can fulfill each and everyone’s morning rhythms. By pairing coffee makers with the right roasts and the proper grind, your early hours can be maximized and properly caffeinated. So, what is the ideal morning coffee for you? Let’s explore what brew best serves your morning coffee needs!

A quick caffeine kick

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Espresso’s concentration is iconic and delicious. It is most famous for getting Italians moving and grooving in just about a minute. The quick 1-ounce shot contains 63 mg of coffee, which is equal to roughly 4-5 ounces of black coffee. This makes it an excellent way to concisely control your caffeine intake as well! And, there is more than just one way of enjoying espresso.

Types of espresso:

  • Traditional: the classic 1-ounce serving
  • Ristretto: a more ‘concentrated’ version of the traditional, with a little less water
  • Lungo: a traditional espresso brewed with slightly more water for a ‘longer’ lasting drink

If these are still too small for your morning beverage, you may add additional hot water for a classic americano. Or, if you need extra energy, make it a double shot. Each individual espresso machine will allow these options. When brewed correctly, espresso can be easily enjoyed without milk. But, it is hard to deny how yummy it tastes with a bit of milk and foam. Espresso is also a solid choice if you need a quick beverage from a local coffee shop.

If you do not have an espresso maker at home, do not fret. There are more brewing methods for a quick caffeine boost.


Roast: With dominant chocolate notes, African Dark Gold Reserve makes for a deliciously silky espresso.

Grind: Fine

A ‘slow’ energy rush

Pour over
Photo credit: Tim Sackton

A soothing way to start your morning, the pour-over method does require patience, but it is surely well rewarded. It allows you to directly control your coffee’s concentration by controlling its water absorption. Sounds fancy, but it is actually very simple. The pour-over technique allows you to experiment with your coffee, as it produces only a single serving. This way you can identify the flavors and concentration you prefer overtime. Who doesn’t want a cup of customized caffeinated bliss?

All you need are the following:

  • Pour-over coffee maker
  • Coffee filter
  • Hot water (preferably a kettle)
  • Ground coffee
  • Scale (optional)

To create the perfect pour-over:

  • Heat water
  • Place a coffee filter in coffee maker
  • Add freshly ground coffee (roughly 2 grams per ounce of water)
  • When the kettle is finished, slowly add water in a circular motion to soak the coffee; let it sit for 30 to 45 seconds
  • Continue to add rest of water in the same circular motion
  • Allow the coffee to brew; time will vary depending on coffee and water ratio

This is a fabulous option for early risers or for taking a morning off to treat yourself to some personal time.


Roast: The fruit-forward Cambodian Specialty Light Roast is a great fit. The beans need extra time to extract their delicious aromas, making the pour-over technique an ideal match.

Grind: Coarse (like pepper or sea salt) 

A quick cup to go

French press

This brewing style is quick and simple, especially if you have an electric kettle. Depending on the size of your press, a French press can provide a few cups of coffee in just under 10 minutes. It gives the ideal brewing time for finishing up any last minute morning obligations before jetting out the door. This also leaves you with a strong on the go cup that can last you until you reach your destination. The French press’ portability makes it a great option for traveling as well; it is the perfect fit for a camping trip! Making coffee with a French press is easy to learn.

Follow these simple French press instructions:

  • Boil water (electric or stove)
  • Grind coffee beans and add to the press (one good tablespoon for every 6 ounces of water)
  • Once water is boiled, carefully cover the grinds and stir them
  • Finish filling the entire press with hot water, then place the lid on top
  • Let rest for 4-6 minutes, depending on the desired absorption
  • Press and enjoy!

The French press is also fabulous for sharing, especially if you purchase the largest size (12 cups.) This makes it a perfect fit for hosting either a morning brunch or any kind of meeting.


Roast: The fruity and fragrant Bolivian Peaberry roast is medium-bodied and made from the slightly more caffeinated peaberry. This makes for a quick energy boost that will keep you going through a hectic morning!

Grind: coarse

For a long lasting brew

Cold brew

The cold brew coffee may not be hot, but it sure will awaken both your energy and your tastebuds. The slow infusion technique of cold brew allows the coffee’s natural notes and flavors to blossom. The result is a smooth low acid beverage that is incredibly refreshing. It can be enjoyed with or without milk. Cold brew can also be made ahead of time, making it a fantastic fit for a busy schedule. You can keep fresh made cold brew in your fridge for your entire workweek. Cold brew has a simple recipe.

All you need is the following:

  • Container (pitcher, mason jar, etc..)
  • Ground coffee
  • Filtered water

To brew:

Combine a 1:4 ratio of grounds to water and let it infuse for 12 to 24 hours. During the infusion, it can rest on the countertop or in the refrigerator. Strain the coffee from the grinds and keep the fresh cold brew in the fridge. That’s it!


Roast: The Kona Big Island Peaberry Coffee makes for a brilliant shorter extraction with its soothing nutty dark chocolate notes. For a longer extraction, the Ethiopia Sidamo light roast is smooth-bodied and refreshingly fruity!

Grind: medium (shorter extraction) or coarse (long extraction)

For that perfect frothy beverage

Moka pot

This coffee maker is practically the love child of a percolator and espresso machine. Often called a stovetop espresso maker, a moka makes a rich and dense coffee that is a bit less concentrated than espresso. Yet, its simplicity makes for a practical alternative to espresso without any high-end equipment. The moka pot also creates a coffee that pairs superbly with milk. Your milk can be frothed during the 5 minutes it takes to brew your coffee. This makes for the ultimate morning timing! 

How to prepare your moka:

  • Fill bottom chamber with hot water (preferably filtered)
  • Place funnel on top
  • Fill the funnel with enough grinds to make a small ‘mountain’ (Make sure you do not pack the grinds like espresso)
  • Tightly screw on the upper chamber then place moka over medium; keep the lid open!
  • Once fresh coffee fills to the top and only steam is spewing from the spout, remove from flame
  • Enjoy (with a nice scoop of foam you like!)


Roast: The bold flavors of the Yemeni Harazi coffee sparkles in the moka pot. Notes of citrus and chocolate caramel pair well with all kinds of frothed milk.

Grind: Fine

If you just do not enjoy the taste of coffee

Chai Tea Latte
Photo credit: T.TSeng

This might be the perfect beverage for those who cannot stand any kind of coffee. Instead of using flavorings and/or sweeteners, chai concentrate offers both the flavor and caffeine you want in the morning. Chai is a black tea that contains 30 to 80 mg of caffeine per cup. The combination of baking spice aromas and frothed milk makes this latte an ideal morning treat. Whole milk or oat milk tends to match the flavor profile of chai the best. But, any milk that you like will work well this recipe too.

To prepare the a perfect chai tea latte in minutes:

  • Measure equal parts chai and milk of choice
  • Heat chai concentrate until hot (not boiling)
  • Froth milk to desire consistency
  • Pour hot concentrate in your cup, then add milk
  • Enjoy with a sprinkle of cinnamon (or favorite baking spice) on top!

If you are feeling up for an extra zing, make it a dirty chai latte. This is the same beverage base, but with the addition of an espresso shot or a couple of ounces of moka pot brewed coffee. With just enough well-combined milk and chai concentrate, you would never know the difference!


Roast: The brown sugar notes of the Nepal Himalayan Mountains coffee pair wonderfully with baking spices and foamy milk.

Grind: Fine

There are tons of brewing methods to make your morning a little brighter. Even if you are always on the go, or perhaps like to double snooze your alarm often, there are still freshly brewed coffee styles to choose from. Next time, put those single-serve cups and that instant coffee to the side. There is a better cup of joe for you in town!

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