Ethiopian Harrar Coffee

Capitol City Coffee offers exotic roasts from all around the world. Among our most desirable ones is the Ethiopian Harrar Coffee. Owing to their natural processing, Ethiopian Harrar coffee beans boast a rich, sweet fruity flavor with a powerful chocolaty aroma — a truly unforgettable taste.

We’ve sourced this coffee from Kubsitu Cooperative, an organization managing 400 family-owned farms. These beans are grown in the mineral-rich Vertisol soil of Kirara, Oromia Region. They are meticulously hand-picked, sorted, and dried on raised beds, giving them a sensational bold and full-bodied aroma. Our Ethiopian Coffee promises a heavy taste with an overlapping variety of flavors, amounting to a rich, palatable mouthfeel.

Our Ethiopia Harrar Coffee is roasted to medium color and contains strong notes of berry, chocolate, and honey. Its medium acidity makes for an incredibly pleasant aftertaste that’s certain to keep you coming back for more!

Brew yourself a steaming hot cup of our rich and flavorful Ethiopia Harrar Coffee and experience an overwhelming aroma like never before.


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Ethiopian Harrar Coffee


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