Papua New Guinea Coffee

When it comes to exquisitely flavored coffees with good body and balanced acidity, our Papua New Guinea Coffee does not disappoint! The country is not only known for its cultural diversity but also its exquisite quality coffee.

This A/X grade coffee hails from the rich volcanic loam soils of the Chimbu Province in Papua New Guinea. Its Bourbon and Typica varieties are grown by small agricultural cooperatives on the mountain slopes at a height of 1350 m. This high altitude accounts for its prolonged maturation period, resulting in much richer and fuller coffee beans.

Medium roasted to perfection, our Papua New Guinea coffee beans contain an overpowering caramel, fruit, and honey flavor that’s bound to reel you in for good! What makes this coffee special is the detailed production process where the coffee beans are fully washed and then dried in the sun. This method adds layers of bright, acidic flavors to the cup.

With strong floral and herbal notes that end on a smooth finish, our A/X Papua New Guinea Coffee is bound to be your ultimate choice!


Papua New Guinea Coffee

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