Honduras Coffee

If you’re looking for the perfect taste that symbolizes true Central American coffees, then you should take a sip of our exotic and flavorful Guatemalan Coffee. Grown by smallholder farmers in the rich volcanic loam soil of the Antigua Guatemala region, this coffee is Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) grade. SHB coffees are primarily known for their unique qualities, including a peculiar citrus acidity.

Our Guatemalan coffee beans are certain to indulge your senses with their full-body flavor and strong notes of dark chocolate and butterscotch. This coffee also packs a bright, tangy, fruity punch that gives it a subtle wine-like essence.

Our Guatemala coffee beans have been meticulously washed and then sun-dried, a natural and highly effective process that leaves a distinct flavor. With its rich combination of heavy sweetness and medium acidity, Guatemala Coffee also makes for a delightful cold brew.

Satisfy your palate with the exotic aroma of our SHB-grade medium-roasted coffee — you’ll never go back to any other roast!


Honduras Coffee

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