Ethiopian Natural Coffee

Enjoy the taste of pure Ethiopian goodness as you gorge on our exquisite Ethiopian Natural Coffee. These beans are unwashed and primarily known for their exotic fruity aroma and a rich creamy body. If you’re a true coffee connoisseur, you would certainly appreciate the exquisite flavor profile that this delightful medium-light roast has to offer.

Our Ethiopian Natural Coffee is grown by smallholder farmers from the Sidama Zone and undergoes a natural process where it is sorted by hand and then dried on raised beds. With medium-to-high acidity, these natural coffee beans offer a well-balanced, pleasant effect with a smooth finish. They boast a chocolaty caramel flavor with strong notes of a fruity, berry sweetness.

Sourced from the most productive of soils, the Nitisols, our Ethiopian Natural coffee beans are sure to make for the perfect cup. The unique flavor profile will give your coffee a sensational aroma — perfect to kickstart the day!

Give our delicious Ethiopian Coffee a try — every sip is bound to transport you to a wonderful new realm!


Ethiopian Natural Coffee

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