Gourmet Coffee Supplies For Beginners and Professionals

gourmet coffee supplies

Do you ever want to create your own special coffee but lack the right gourmet coffee supplies? Do you want to get the same flavorful coffee from your local cafe but your not sure whether to use a French Press or a pour-over?

Navigating all of the various ways to make coffee can be intimidating, especially with all the gourmet coffee supplies out there.

There’s espresso, slow drip, Aeropress, french press, the list goes on and on. While there are pros and cons to each method, you can decide what type of method to use by first determining what cup of coffee you desire. Whether you’re looking for the strong bold taste of espresso, or a more mellow taste from an Aeropress, it all comes down to becoming familiar with the different methods of brewing and knowing what you want.

One of the great benefits of making coffee in the comfort of your home is that you do not have to leave every time you want a cup of coffee. Learning how to perfect your favorite cafe drink will not only save you money but save you time as well.

While it might seem difficult or even challenging at first, once you get the hand of making coffee at home, you might find that you prefer it to a cafe. Cafe baristas spend years perfecting their craft, so be patient with yourself when you first start experimenting.

While there are a variety of unique ways to brew your coffee, there are 11 common and reliable ways to make your morning cup of coffee.

11 Different Ways to Make Coffee

1) Espresso Machine

Whether you are a coffee aficionado or someone who is new to coffee, chances are you know the basics of an espresso shot. The machines are at almost every cafe, offering customers the chance to try a bold and flavorful shot.

When an espresso machine is used, pressurized water is pumped through a tiny chamber, pressing the coffee beans through a coffee filter. Once this happens, it “squeezes” the beans, producing what we call the espresso.

Nowadays, espresso machines come in different types – from more expensive traditional machines to automatic ones that were popularized by Nespresso. While nothing beats the experience of making an espresso shot in a traditional manner, simply placing a capsule in a machine and waiting for it to brew is a lot easier for the consumer.

Watch how to make your own espresso shot here.

2) Aeropress

Simplicity is the appeal of the AeroPress – but at the same time, it can give you the best-tasting coffee! Making a coffee with AeroPress is so simple, you can make one without much skill: just grind your beans, heat your water to the right temperature, then, after placing the grinds in the AeroPress machine, just press them.

It’s simple, but above all, it can deliver a very satisfying coffee! In fact, with the right circumstances, you can even make an espresso-like coffee by only using an AeroPress!

Watch how to use the AeroPress here.

3) French Press

The process of using the French Press is quite the same as the AeroPress – grind your coffee beans, heat your water, and then place them all in your French Press machine. Allow the grinds to soak, and then press down.

It makes for a great cup of coffee, however, it takes more time to brew your coffee with a French Press than with an AeroPress. If you like full-bodied flavor with a stronger bite, then taking an extra few minutes to make a French Press coffee will be worth it.

Watch how to use the French Press machine here.

4) Using Coffee Bags

If you don’t want to create your coffee from scratch, but at the same time, you really want to do it fast, coffee bags can be great for you.

Making coffee with coffee bags is relatively simple. You can make this coffee by placing the bag filled with coffee into your cup and pouring hot water over it. Wait for around 2 minutes and the coffee will be done.

You can also go for the instant coffee pack if you want, but you may not like its taste. The difference between instant coffee packs and coffee bags is that coffee bags use ground beans while instant coffee using dissolvable coffee.

Now, this method is not phenomenal compared to other methods, but it is easy and fast. This method is often times a great choice for those that are in a rush, but still need a cup of coffee.

You can watch how to make coffee with coffee bags here.

5) The SoftBrew

If you want the effect of a French Press, but don’t want the work of a Frech Press, enter SoftBrew – what they call “primitive yet high tech” in terms of brewing coffee. Here’s why: it’ll brew your coffee just like a French Press machine would, but it’s easier, so you don’t need much skill as opposed to using a French Press.

The best part of a SoftBrew machine is its filter, which conveniently allows different bean sizes to fit in. Not to mention it makes great coffee.

Watch how to make SoftBrew coffee here.

6) The Vietnamese Phin

The Vietnamese Dripper (or traditionally called “Phin”) is a simple-to-use dripper to make your coffee. It’s perfect for our on-the-go people or those who just don’t have a lengthy amount of time to make their coffee.

It does not use any fancy techniques or tools – just simply pour your water and wait for it to brew. However, don’t be fooled by its simplicity – it is simple, but provides a great flavor. If you are a fan of iced coffee, this method of brewing can produce some of the best-iced coffee around!

Watch how to make Vietnamese coffee here.

7) Cold Brew

Aside from espresso, cold brew is one of the most popular types of coffee. It’s a slow, but rewarding process that creates an iced coffee with a bold flavor.

Cold-brew, like many on this list, is simple to make, but takes around 10 hours to complete the full process! It doesn’t require barista skills, but you should have a high level of patience in making this.

But if you wait, and have enough patience, you will be rewarded with a super smooth iced coffee that only cold brew can give you! It’s delicious, a must-try, and you don’t need any gourmet coffee supplies!

Once you’ve put the time and effort into the cold brew making process, you will be rewarded with a beverage that you can simply keep in the fridge. One of the best things about cold brew is you can store it in your fridge for a few weeks without it losing its flavor nor it’s quality. It stays fresh, delicious, and bold in flavor.

Watch how to make a cold brew here.

8) Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro cold brew is simply cold brew with added nitrogen for a creamier taste! This type of cold brew is one of the more difficult coffees to brew, but its worth the time. While it’s not common to make at home, nevertheless, it’s possible to still do it.

Watch how to make nitro cold brew coffee here.

9) Turkish Coffee

This type of coffee is one of the best and commonly known coffees in the world. Turkish coffee packs a punch. In other words, it has a strong flavor and gives you a burst of energy for the day.

Brewing Turkish coffee takes a relatively moderate skill, so you’ll need to work on it before you can perfect your Turkish coffee. As with many methods on the list, it’s relatively easier to brew a Turkish coffee than say, an espresso shot.

Watch how to make Turkish coffee here.

10) Using an Electric Percolator

An electric percolator is very simple to use, but its simplicity can cost your coffee’s quality because it is easy to over-boil during its brewing process. However, if you’re a busy person who simply wants a cup of coffee, then percolators can be great for you.

Watch how to use an electric percolator here.

11) Cowboy Coffee

If you want to brew a coffee but you don’t have any gourmet coffee supplies, don’t worry, you can still make one – cowboy style!

Just heat a saucepan, pour water into it, wait until it boils, then pour your ground coffee beans. Then, remove it from the heat and wait for a few minutes until it brews.

Once the grounds settle to the bottom of the pan, pour your coffee into your mug. Make sure to do it slowly and gently to not get any grounds in it. It’s as simple as that! While it is a simple method, it may take a few tries before you do it “correctly.”

Watch how to make cowboy coffee here.

How to Guarantee Amazing Coffee Every Time You Make It

Now, the next question is: how do you guarantee that you’ll make an amazing coffee over and over again?

I will tell you in this simple phrase: do it again, and again, and again!

Like most things in life, learning how to make high-quality coffee takes time. While this might be frustrating at first, repetition does work wonders. In fact, for most of our lives, repetition is the only thing that makes us good at what we do. In whatever we do, whether it be running, a sport, or various other things, it takes time to master.

The same is true with coffee making – you only get it right once you keep doing it; when you learn through trial-and-error, through experimentation, and adding tweaks here and there until you eventually master your coffee.

If you’re new to coffee making, don’t rush it, but be consistent. Do it again, and again, and again – in this case, keep making your coffee until you find the perfect type for you!

In time, you’ll find that you can make cafe worthy coffee in the comfort of your home.

Now that you’ve learned how to choose gourmet coffee supplies to help increase the quality of your at-home coffee, here are 10 easy and delicious coffee recipes you can make at home. You can also shop for our coffee here.

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