Brazilian Santos Coffee

You haven’t had Brazilian Coffee until you’ve tried a cup of our exquisite Brazil Santos. This delightful roast is grown in Fazenda Santa Barbara, a family-owned farm, as well as in Sao Francisco and Santo Antonio. Its exotic flavor profile is guaranteed to tingle your palate in ways your regular cup of coffee has never done before. Its medium roast makes for a smooth cup with notes of fresh cocoa — you won’t experience a richer taste with any other coffee.

Our Brazil Santos coffee beans are freshly sourced from rich volcanic loam soils of the Parana and Sao Paulo Regions. They undergo Pulped Natural processing where the coffee cherry’s skin is removed to reveal the delectable fruity layer underneath. Afterward, they’re dried under the sun, giving the Brazil Santos coffee a rich fruity punch.

The distinct production process of this coffee is responsible for its well-rounded taste with a hint of sweet acidity that pairs immaculately with its rich cocoa aroma.

Relish the smooth taste that traditional Brazilian coffee has to offer with Capitol City Coffee’s Brazil Santos!


Brazilian Santos Coffee

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