Peru Coffee

Sourced directly from hardworking small-scale farmers of Norandino Agricultural Cooperative Ltd. at a fair price, Capitol City Coffee’s exotic Peruvian coffee beans are bound to satisfy both your palate and conscience.

This organic Peruvian Coffee is both flavorful and incredibly aromatic. The beans are grown in the clay mineral soils of the Piura and Amazonas regions at high altitudes ranging from 1100 to 1500 m. This increases their ripening time and prolongs the maturation process, leading to a much richer flavor profile.

The beans are fully washed and dried in the sun — a meticulous process that helps augment the coffee’s natural relish with a kick of bright and sweet flavors. Most valued for their mild acidity and light body, our Peruvian coffee beans make for a well-rounded, flavorful cup. They are medium roasted and contain strong notes of salted caramel that brings about a silky sweetness to the cup. This syrupy goodness pairs immaculately with the coffee’s citrus overtones — truly one of the best organic coffees you can ever have! Brew yourself a nice, hot cup of our 100% Organic FT Peruvian Coffee and get a fresh start to your day!


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