Nicaraguan Coffee

Our Nicaraguan Coffee is known for its medium-bodied, smooth brew that packs a bright acidity. Grown by smallholder farmers from Molino Norte — a town in the Matagalpa region — this sensational coffee is sure to tingle your tastebuds with its rich fruity notes!

Sourced from clay mineral soils, our Nicaraguan Coffee is Strictly High Grown (SHG). This means that it is planted between medium to high altitudes; thus, allowing the bean to undergo a longer maturation process compared to coffees grown at lower altitudes. The resultant coffee beans are much richer and fuller with a more pronounced flavor profile. Our superior Nicaraguan coffee beans have been fully washed, fermented for roughly 14 hours, and then dried on raised beds and patios. This detailed process leads to an amazing quality with which very few varieties of coffee stand in comparison.

These beans have been medium roasted and contain strong floral and citrus notes with a sensational cocoa aroma that you’ll never forget. Brew yourself a steaming hot cup of our Nicaraguan Coffee and relish the rich, delicate flavor profile of true Central American goodness!


Nicaraguan Coffee

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