Tanzania Coffee

Travel to a fine morning deep in the heart of Tanzania with Capitol City Coffee’s Tanzanian coffee beans. Grown by small cooperative farmers in the Mbeya area, this coffee is sure to indulge your senses.

Our Tanzanian Coffee includes the Bourbon and Kent varieties that are sourced from the rich clay mineral soils of the Mbeya region. The exquisite AB grade coffee beans are grown at high altitudes ranging from 1200 to 1900 m. They undergo a meticulous production process where the beans are fully washed and dried on raised beds. This results in clean cherries that dry evenly, making for a consistent and aromatic cup.

Our Tanzanian coffee beans are perfectly roasted to light medium and contain strong floral and fruity overtones with notes of jasmine, pear, and strawberry — a magnificently diverse blend that you’ll never forget!

Enjoy our rich and flavorful AB Tanzanian coffee beans — they promise a delicious cup with intense creaminess and a deep, rich taste.


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Tanzania Coffee


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