Kenya Coffee

Take a sip of our exquisite Kenyan Coffee and find yourself enchanted by its rich fruity and well-balanced flavor profile. Grown by small farm owners in Nyeri and Embu counties, these beans are perfect for both hot and cold brews!

Capitol City Coffee carries nothing but the finest grade AB Kenyan Coffee, with both A and B grade beans mixed together. This classification is widely popular and is sourced from rich volcanic soils at an altitude of roughly 1600 meters. These beans have been meticulously washed and then dried on raised beds, giving them a sensational strong and syrupy body. This production process brings out a rich, varied flavor profile that leaves a delightful aftertaste.

Our Kenyan AB coffee beans are perfectly roasted to a medium-light color with hints of fruity goodness. They make for a bright cup with a wine-like acidity — a pleasant, tangy flavor that you’ll never forget.

Enjoy a well-balanced brew of our premium AB grade Kenyan Coffee — a deep, bright flavor with every single sip!


Kenya Coffee

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