Costa Rican Specialty Organic Coffee

Take a sip of Capitol City Coffee’s sweet and aromatic Costa Rican Coffee — it’ll make you forget all about what you’ve been having so far!

Our Costa Rican coffee beans are grown by micro-farms in Alajuela, where the climate and soil are nothing short of ideal for growing coffee beans. Plus, Costa Rica is the only country that deems it illegal to grow anything other than the highest quality Arabica coffee beans — they take their coffee very seriously!

Costa Rican Coffee is Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) grade and European Prepared (EP), making it immensely more desirable than others on the market. These superior coffee beans undergo a meticulous production process where they’re eco-pulped and dried in the sun, giving them a sensational aroma. You know you’re in for a rich flavor profile when you brew yourself a nice, steaming cup of our Costa Rican Coffee!

Medium roasted to perfection with strong notes of sweet apple, raisin, and honey, our Costa Rica coffee beans are certain to tingle your taste buds!

Add some magic into your morning coffee with our SHB/EP Costa Rica Coffee — the only coffee roast you’ll ever need!

Costa Rican Specialty Organic Coffee


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