Columbian Coffee

Ever since the 18th century, Colombian Coffee has reigned supreme all around the world because of its exotic flavor profile and rich aftertaste.

Capitol City Coffee brings you rich Colombian coffee beans freshly sourced from volcanic loam soils of the Medellin region. They are European Prepared, meaning they’ve been hand-sorted to remove any foreign material or defective beans — bringing you the finest quality that the market has to offer. The meticulous processing of these beans involves being fully washed and then dried in solar dryers to protect them from rain.

Our EP Colombian coffee beans are medium-roasted and boast a rich flavor profile of dried orange, berry, and chocolate. Grown by smallholder farmers from Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia, our Colombian Coffee is bound to leave its mark on your taste buds.

With mellow acidity and delectable caramel sweetness, you’ll find no better flavor than these exquisite Colombian beans.

So, go ahead and brew yourself a delicious, fruity cup of Colombia’s finest — undoubtedly the most recognized coffee to a majority of Americans!


Columbian Coffee

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